Poet in Residence – Touch: The Journal of Healing

A few months ago I received a call from the editor of Touch: The Journal of Healing. We’ve had a long and fruitful professional and personal friendship so I wasn’t particularly surprised to be hearing from him. However, when he asked me if I would consider being the first Poet in Residence for his journal, I couldn’t help but feel completely flabbergasted.

Me? I thought. What do I know? Yeah, sure I’ve written a lot over the years, but quantity doesn’t always equal quality as so many of us know (have you seen the typos cropping up all over the web lately at large news/magazine sites?). Nevertheless, O.P.W. Fredericks persuaded me. He asked me to write a series of essays exploring one of the major themes of the journal: Evolution into Insight. How could I resist?

If you click through you will find my essay as well as three poems I wrote over twelve years. The poems all deal with one thing: my second son’s congenital heart defect. As I said in the essay: “Never be satisfied with the first attempt.” It took twelve years and many more poems than the three published in Touch to really become satisfied with my attempt at recording the trauma and subsequent emotional revolution that was born of my child’s brush with death.

There are a lot of other great poems and artwork in Issue 10 of Touch: The Journal of Healing. Check out the Editor’s Choice: Carol Lynn Stevenson Grellas. There is also work by: Ed Bennett, Jackie Fox, John Davis Jr., Richard King Perkins II, Danny P. Barbare, Pat St. Pierre, Tammy Daniel, Emily Lasinsky, Murray Alfredson, Stephen Gilchrist, Krisztina Fehervari, and Susan Kelley.

2 thoughts on “Poet in Residence – Touch: The Journal of Healing

  1. Hi, Christine. Browsing through your wonderful blog again. Congrats on your various accomplishments. Most of all, congrats on your continued enthusiasm of writing.BTW, this journal looks like one I should check out.janet

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