How to survive in an apocalypse

It has been over a year since I’ve posted here, but I can’t apologize for this. We’ve all been trying very hard to survive the impossible and that sort of thing takes energy and time and hope. I haven’t felt very hopeful in a long time, until today. What changed? I read a book. This…

How to Hustle

No, I’m not talking about the dance (although the Hustle remains my very favorite), I’m talking about writing! I’ve started writing again, because I want my voice to be heard in this world. Isn’t that what writers do? No matter what else I am, editor, housewife, mother, chronically ill person, artist, I’m also and always…

Escape Into Life – Poetry Feature

In honor of National Poetry Month, Escape Into Life is featuring several of my poems about poetry today: How a moth flies into a poem, How to read a poem, This is not a poem, The solace of poetry. “Inevitably she is driving when it happens—” Check out the great art, too –> Escape Into Life

Autumn skies redux

Four years ago I posted about loving this season, so much so that my first website was called November Sky. And then I began publishing Autumn Sky Poetry, and Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY. This year I’m taking a break from publishing and trying to focus on writing and photography. Here are a few of this…


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