Poetry Editing

Developmental editing, line edits, and proofreading for single poems, chapbooks, and full length books — I am an experienced poet and editor with years of experience critiquing and editing poetry, both formal and free verse.

As chief editor and founder of Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY, I have over ten years of experience with editing and interpreting poems. As Site Administrator of Poets.org’s online forum from 2006-2012, I have experience guiding online workshop critique. For more information about my writing credentials and awards, please see my About page.

What do I offer?
… a personalized experience
… close attention to detail
… knowledge of poetic forms, both free verse and formal

I usually do both line edits and developmental editing at the same time. Line edits include a detailed read of each poem with comments on word choice, line breaks, meter, grammar, punctuation, etc. Developmental edits include comments about the collection as a whole and suggestions for improvement.

If I believe a poem is well-written, I will not write criticism simply for the sake of commenting. My value is the experience I bring to the table.

I am available to edit using most online editing tools (Microsoft Word, Text Edit, Apple Pages, Google Docs, etc.). If you prefer the old-fashioned mode (i.e. paper and pen) we can discuss that in the initial inquiry.

My editing philosophy — I edit to make your poems your best work, not to rewrite them. To that end, I offer suggestions and clear guidance. I believe that editing a work of poetry involves a dialogue rather than criticism.

Client testimonials — “Thank you! Your insights and your beautiful foreword have exceeded my hopes for this collaboration. I agree 100% with your gentle feedback and am enthusiastically making every change you suggested because all your suggestions are spot on!” -Tracy Rittmueller

“I am so excited with the work you have done. It was a masterclass. You did it with such gentleness and kindness that I never felt anything but love in your suggestions for my poetic lines. ” -Bill Quinn

Rates/Pricing — If you’re interested in working with me as your editor, please direct all inquiries to Christine.Klocek.Lim@gmail.com. I’m flexible, but here are some general rates, in USD only:

Single Poems (2 pages/70 line max): $20 each
Chapbooks, 25 – 30 pages: $500
Full length book, 40 – 80 pages: $700

For chapbooks and books, after we come to an agreement via email, I will email an invoice to you for half the fee prior to receiving your book, and editing will not commence until I receive payment. After edits have been completed to your satisfaction (each client can receive up to three rounds of edits, depending on complexity), I will email an invoice to you for the remainder of the fee.

For single poems, I require payment before editing. Each poem can receive up to three rounds of edits, depending on complexity.