Haboobs – an old sonnet from 2009

I just saw this post on wunderground (my favorite weather site) and it reminded me of a poem I wrote back in 2009 (never published). I have to remember to not read the news on the weekend. It’s this little pact I made with myself: weekends are for fun and family and writing and reading and gardening.


There are so many things I shouldn’t read;
when misfortune has already come in real
life, why decipher more? The speed
at which we realize one ordeal
does not preclude the next. Another time,
another storm will suck transparency
away. Thunder sounds inside the grime;
it’s hard to breathe, impossible to see.
Why bother reading news after the fact?
Who wants to know how strangers may have died
when here at home all the walls are cracked
with loss? Except, perhaps the other side
is greener—grass instead of sand. And rain
that gives its people peace instead of pain.

ETA: oh, wow, that same photographer has a video! It’s amazing. May 9th, 2012 – Dust storms near Casa Grande and Phoenix by Mike Olbinski:

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