Poem Spark Aug. 20-Sept. 3: Sci-Fi Poems (and Fantasy, too)

Greetings fellow poets!

Sorry for the delay folks, but since I broke my ankle, I’ve been a tad bit behind on my duties. However, I’ve had the idea for this poem spark brewing ever since Poets.org featured Poems about Aliens on their front page.

I quite liked Kunitz’s poem, The Abduction. It has a sort of haunting grace about it. The narrative easily bears you along as you read the story, reveling in what is not said as much as what is.

Then there’s Hayden’s [American Journal], which is as much an experiment in language as the idea of extraterrestrial life is an experiment of the mind. The poem combines both in a way that is familiar to the American culture.

I’m sure there are many more poems that involve pieces of the unfamiliar cosmos, as well as the dark recesses of fantasy that lurk in the mind. Here’s your chance to share your own experiments.

Your task this spark is to write a Sci-Fi or Fantasy poem. Keep it as unreal as possible. The sky’s the limit!

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