Yes, today I woke to the sound of vomiting

Believe it or not, my younger son has caught a stomach bug and has been throwing up since 4:30 am. I also have an ear infection. I think it will be quite the show as I drag my crippled self around to the various doctors, all the time clutching a bucket, that most necessary accompaniment to barfing. Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Yes, today I woke to the sound of vomiting

  1. There is an immutable domestic law that states that there is no such phenomenon as single illness or disability in a family. The moment one of the kids falls ill, I know that either my partner or I are doomed to almost instant ailment ourselves. Good luck!

  2. Geez, I should have known! I kept living under the mistaken thought that once a bad thing happens, all other bad things (i.e. child barfing) would stand off for a few days. :-)Thanks for the good thoughts!

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