Haven’t been blogging much lately

due to real life. In other words: more ankle surgery (yesterday), the creation of Autumn Sky Poetry Number 9 (working on it right now), a revolting black ant invasion that shows no signs of dissipation anytime soon, broken heating system, broken ice maker (yes, again which means I can’t put ice on my ankle), kitchen and dining room renovation, a house guest, doctor’s appointments, cooking appointments, and that ever-so-important mental breakdown that I sense creeping up on me. That usually means a lot of self-medicating with chocolate and hours and hours of sci-fi. I’m thinking of trying out Supernatural after I finish watching Jericho. Anyone have any other sci-fi suggestions?

Busy, busy

Well, things have been busy in my household the past week or so. There’s a lot of end-of-the-school year stuff to deal with when you have two kids. My mom also ended up in the hospital (she’s okay, and doing better now), but that also ate up my time. So no new photos or poems recently. Maybe soon.

I just started writing a book. The weirdest thing I’ve discovered is that my hands get tired faster than my thoughts. I wish I could plug the computer directly into my head and then I could skip the typing altogether. Maybe I just need to grow muscles in my hand or something. Oh well.