Haven’t been blogging much lately

due to real life. In other words: more ankle surgery (yesterday), the creation of Autumn Sky Poetry Number 9 (working on it right now), a revolting black ant invasion that shows no signs of dissipation anytime soon, broken heating system, broken ice maker (yes, again which means I can’t put ice on my ankle), kitchen and dining room renovation, a house guest, doctor’s appointments, cooking appointments, and that ever-so-important mental breakdown that I sense creeping up on me. That usually means a lot of self-medicating with chocolate and hours and hours of sci-fi. I’m thinking of trying out Supernatural after I finish watching Jericho. Anyone have any other sci-fi suggestions?

3 thoughts on “Haven’t been blogging much lately

  1. I have come to the conclusion that there are days I really don’t like “real life.” However, chocolate always helps on those days. As for sci fi — I’m a big fan of those absolutely mindless made for Sci-Fi channel movies. You know the ones that always have one word titles — Mosquito, Squid, Shark.But, if you want something more serious in the Sci Fi line — try the movie Sunshine. I thought it was great. Good luck healing!

  2. Karen, yes, I agree. I didn’t see the movie Sunshine yet, so I’m putting it on my list. Thanks for the tip. I’m going to go look for some more chocolate now. :-)Teeny,Thank you for the invite and for stopping by.

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