Who Saw the Deep — first reader review!

I am so happy to have my very first reader review for Who Saw the Deep. Ms. Brigita posted it over on her blog, Do the write thing: 5 stars! Thank you so very much Brigita! I’m very happy you liked the novel.

Noah and Amelia. Their relationship is gripping from the start. Despite the age difference, it feels so natural and right. Klocek-Lim’s portrayal of Amelia is wonderful. She’s so unusual and surprising that one has to love her.

I have some more good news: Who Saw the Deep will be coming out in PRINT next year! I will be able to do signed copies, yay!

Also, the book is still on sale at Evernight, OmniLit, and Bookstrand — 25% off! Go get your copy now!

buy from: Evernight – Amazon Kindle – OmniLitBookStrand – Smashwords


Editor's Pick

Romance, Suspense, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Mystery
Word Count: 55,000
Published By: Evernight Publishing

Click here to read an excerpt.

When Noah moves back home after grad school, he doesn’t expect a simple handyman job to turn deadly. Amelia seems like a sweet old lady with a run-down house, but appearances can be deceptive. When an alien ship lands in her woods, Noah discovers that everything he believed about Earth and human civilization is wrong.

Amelia already gave her heart to one man—does she really want to let another one inside? Even though Noah is everything she ever wanted, can she really trust him? He seems like a good person, but her family’s genetic legacy is more important than romance.

When all their secrets are laid bare, Noah and Amelia discover that the survival of their species may be more dependent on love than either could have imagined. Civilization endures because of anonymous acts executed by ordinary individuals. And love, especially in the face of betrayal, is worth everything.


Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA) 2012 Semi-Finalist Winner!

“This novel is well written, original, and clever.”

—Publisher’s Weekly



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