Author Appearance – I’m reading in Philly!


The Fox Chase Reading Series is sponsoring a Featured Poets/Writers Reading on April 28th. I am one of the featured readers! I will be reading at the Ryerss Museum and Library (7370 Central Ave., Philadelphia, PA) at 2 pm on the second floor gallery of the museum. Le Hinton is the other featured reader. You can find an interview with him here at Fox Chase Review.


I will be bringing several paperback copies of Disintegrate as well as my poetry chapbooks. You can purchase copies after the reading.



Emily just wanted a normal life: a boyfriend, college, two parents who loved her. Instead, her dad disappeared when she was fourteen and her life at college is anything but ordinary.

When you can manipulate matter like putty and you have no idea why, how do you pretend to be like everyone else? What happens when you meet a guy who has the same powers? Do you trust him to help you find the answers you need?

Emily desperately wants to believe that Jax can help, but the stakes grow higher than she’d ever expected: someone is after them and they’re not afraid to use violence to get what they want.

Reviews of Disintegrate:

“A wonderfully suspenseful YA novel that tackles not only such topics as special skills, bio engineering, and abuse of science, but also themes close to any reader, adult or young adult, like themes of family, friendship, love, belonging.” — Brigita O.

“Disintegrate by Christine Klocek-Lim was absolutely amazing. I don’t know what I was expecting when I opened the book. I was probably expecting another over-used plot for YA. But I got a fun, original plot that was incredibly interesting to read about.” — Madison

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