Poem Spark Apr 1, 2013: limericks

Happy April!

It is the first day of National Poetry Month 2013. You know what that means… It’s time when all of us crazy poets try to write a poem each day for the entire month. It involves sweat, tears, sometimes blood, despair, and a sort of euphoric glee that only those who make a habit of jumping out of airplanes also possess. In spite of what looks like insanity, we continue, forging into the forest of failed poems, in search of that perfect turn of line that makes us weep in joy.

Or we write limericks.

Well, because they’re absurd. And naughty.

A limerick is a ridiculous poem that is often wretchedly punnish, sometimes lewd, but always a delight to read and an agony to write. It has a strict metrical form:

There WAS an old LAdy named ROSE
who LOVED to stuff MEN in her CLOTHES
but THEN she slipped—WHOA,
and KNOCKED her boobs LOW.
The MEN ran aWAY with her HOSE.

Here is what it looks like metrically. A dash – means an unstressed syllable, and a forward slash / means a stressed syllable:

– / – – / – – /
– / – – / – – /
– / – – /
– / – – /
– / – – / – – /

Your spark for today: write a limerick! Have fun and be creative. Good luck!

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