Editor’s Choice: The Voice of Christine Klocek-Lim

I’m happy to say that three poems of mine (Coventina, Jeremiel, and Phoenix) have been selected as the Editor’s Choice in the September 2011 issue of Touch: The Journal of Healing. I am so very honored and delighted to have been selected, especially because this issue is dedicated to my friend Larina’s son. And too, I was incredibly moved by the way in which the editor of the journal, O.P.W. Fredericks, described my work. Here is an excerpt:

“What I appreciate most about Christine’s poetry is the eloquence with which she conveys the moments about which she writes.  The movement of her poetry from moment to moment seems effortless; her imagery is clear and concise; her adherence to form, technique, and poetic diction is sound; her grounding in place is solid; and there is an immediacy to Christine’s poetry that is often realized in the first line.  The subjects in her work are always treated with sensitivity and honesty, and there is a lilting quality to her words even when they describe turmoil and heartache.”

Thank you Touch: The Journal of Healing. Thank you O.P.W and Daniel, editors extraordinaire.

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