Audio Chapbooks? Why yes. At Best American Poetry.

Nic Sebastian recently did a guest-blogger stint at the Best American Poetry blog. All of her posts are fantastic, but of particular interest to me is the one she wrote about audio chapbooks. Obviously, this idea is near and dear to my heart since Nic, editor of Whale Sound, recently published my sonnet sequence (Cloud Studies) as an audio chapbook, but in this blog post, she also discusses why it’s a good idea to try something new with poetry chaps. How do you like your poetry served? is the question she has been asking herself and many others. The answers are varied, but one of them, audio, keeps popping up again and again at the top of the list. To read more, go check out her essay:

poetry out loud: audio chapbooks and other methods of poetry delivery [by Nic Sebastian] at Best American Poetry.

Lest you think all that Nic does is publish other people’s poetry at Whale Sound, please to be clicking through to see her brand new poetry collection: Forever Will End On Thursday. Fantastic work Nic!

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