Cloud Studies – a sonnet sequence

I’m thrilled to announce that Whale Sound has published my collection of sonnets, Cloud Studies, as its third audio chapbook.

Working with Nic Sebastian was incredibly rewarding. She is an excellent editor and a sublime reader.

read Nic’s Process Notes here
read Christine’s Process Notes here

You can enjoy Cloud Studies in a number of different ways, thanks to Nic’s dedication to providing poetry in as many forms as there are readers. Here’s what she had to say about it:

Audio Chapbooks Evolution
And there’s so much new with the audio chapbook format!
Whale Sound Audio Chapbooks is offering some new options to the poetry consumer with the publication of Cloud Studies. The central question for the poetry consumer we have been asking as a publisher remains unchanged: How do you like your poetry served?
With this edition we’ve expanded the menu of options. As with previous audio chapbooks, you can:
1. Read each poem online as an individual post
2. Listen to each poem online as an individual unit
3. Download a free PDF of the whole chapbook
4. Download a free MP3 audio file of the whole chapbook
What’s new this time around? You can also:
5. Purchase a print edition of Cloud Studies from Lulu ($4.90 + shipping – this is cost-price, no author/publisher mark-up)
Purchase an audio CD of Cloud Studies from Lulu ($5.50 + shipping – again, at cost-price, no author/publisher mark-up)
Purchase an e-book edition of Cloud Studies from Lulu ($0.99 – cost-price)

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