It’s the Daily Dish’s birthday

The Daily Dish is one of two blogs I read every day, even those days when I’m too sick or tired to turn on the computer (I read it on my phone). Andrew Sullivan’s blog provides me with an understanding of the world I could never find on my own. I lack the political background (or maybe fortitude, I’m not sure) to really figure out how and why people do the things they do in society. The nifty thing about his blog is that in addition to politics, he posts poetry. Where else does that happen? A political blog posting poetry? How strange. Nevertheless, it’s true. In fact, that’s how I discovered his blog: Andrew posted one of my poems on his site and traffic to my website exploded for a day or so. It was kind of awesome. I could’ve just left it at that, except I found myself going back again and again to read the blog. He and his staff also post photos from around the world, mental health breaks, and links to some of the funniest memes I’ve ever seen. Thank you Daily Dish. And happy birthday!

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