Whale Sound has two of my poems. . .

 . . . and Nic Sebastian’s voice is sublime as she reads them. Go, go, go listen:


Boulder Caves

I love this new project, Whale Sound. It’s introduced me to some fantastic work by poets I’d not read before, and listening to someone read them has illuminated the poems in a way that I didn’t expect. When I write a poem, I hear what it sounds like in my head, in my voice, and when I read it aloud, I try to preserve that emotion and sense of pacing. Listening to someone else read my poems is the ultimate test: did I succeed in conveying what I intended in that poem? Did I put enough space in between the imagery so that a reader can feel what I wanted as they read the poem?

My favorite poem at Whale Sound is He Calls Her Etsy by Karen Shubert. I love this poem. I love Nic’s voice as she reads this poem, the fragile wonder of love and sunlight that she manages to infuse within the lines. I can imagine the scene so clearly and then the last line devastates me. Listen and be amazed.

Thank you Nic, for your incredible contribution to the world of poetry. I am so very honored.

2 thoughts on “Whale Sound has two of my poems. . .

  1. Chrissie – Your poems spoke very deeply to me. My reading of them has apparently spoken in turn to you. I'm just dazed — where will the internet end up taking us?Thank you for being you and for writing such wonderful poems! Nic

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