Some poems published

Two of my sonnets are in the new Think Journal: Iridescence and Tail clouds. Please consider buying an issue to peruse. It’s a lovely little literary magazine.

Three of my astronomical poems are in MiPOesias’ summer 2010 issue: Moondust, Enceladus creates Saturn’s E ring, and The star trails of Kilimanjaro. These poems are on pages, 8, 9, and 10.

I’m rather happy about the Kilimanjaro poem being published. It’s one of my favorites and has been rejected numerous times. Does that make the poem bad? Why do I continue to like it so much when so many editors didn’t? It’s a mystery, this submitting and publication thing. As an editor, I know that sometimes poems just don’t fit in with the others I’ve chosen, so I know how it goes. Still, I find myself confused by the difficulty of knowing which of my own work is publishable. Some poems, more than others, seem to find their way into print.

As for the sonnets, I’d despaired of ever finding an editor who wanted them. So far, I’ve managed to get three published. With those, I’m more inclined to think it’s because so many people just don’t like formal poems and that’s why the others haven’t been picked up. It’s what I’m telling myself, anyway.

4 thoughts on “Some poems published

  1. Congratulations Chrissie so very damn cool beans, I love all of these poems. I am thinking about your question–more so about why as writers we may have certain work that are our favorites and sometimes that work may not be an editors pick. I believe sometimes for me as a writer I have the strongest affinity to work that may of been sparked by a real life passion and I carry that passion into that work and for ever in my own mind that passion and work are one. It is just the way it is, not a reflection of the work itself but more so a refelction of our passions. As with any subset of work we do, I suspect some are stronger than others. I do find for me that more of these poems eventually get published as because of this passion, I am more likely to continue to submit them, until I find them a home. Once again congratulations. Hugs:) bebe

  2. Bebe, thanks! It's funny; I was thinking about favorite poems when I read your blog about your poem in Flutter (Blackbird is so pretty, btw). And imagine my surprise to go to your blog and find the same template! LOL. Great minds and all that.But seriously, I think you're right. We like those poems, so we send them out. I still think those poems are dangerous: they can be some of our worst work for the very reason they are favorites.Congrats to you too!

  3. Congrats on your publications. I love the poems.It's funny how we like a certain poem but others won't find anything remarkable in it, isn't it? It's so subjective. Like Bebe said, it has a lot to do with passion and what strikes a chord with us. And like you say, it's dangerous to like any poem (our poem) too much because then it's hard to be objective.

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