While you’re waiting, check out LEVELER

Since I can’t link to my NaPoWriMo poem, why don’t you check out one of my sonnets? It’s up at LEVELER this week, a fine journal. While you’re there, click on their levelheaded button to see what the editors had to say about my poem, “Orphan anvils.”



Or rather, stymied. Poets.org was hacked, so I cannot post today’s poem. Hopefully the earnest and dedicated programmers will get the site back up and working soon! And no, I won’t post the poem here on my blog because then it is on the internets forever. I want the search engines to work a little bit harder to find these poems so I don’t foil my chances at getting them published. And yes, I have been deleting them from Poets.org. These poems come with an expiration date, known only to me (and entirely at the whim of my laziness meter for the day).