List poem: This day on Twitter

Cute kitty is cute. #kitty!
Evil Twitter is evil and so is Facebook. #addicted
Lonesome tree has no leaves and is lonesome

above brown grass that is dead brown. #haiku
Early, you left so early today. #sad
Hot tea is so hot I burned my tongue. #damnit
Junk mail came late full of junk

and too much paper and dead trees. #sad
Quiet lunch is a sandwich and soup quietly 

steaming until it’s gone. #haiku
Pithy texts sent to my husband are pithy. #random
Sad news is sad–>no more NPR. #sad
Loud kids after school are really loud! #parenting
Hateful homework is still hateful even
I’m a grownup. #homeworksuks #parenting
Evil Twitter is still evil–>so many 
to congenital heart defect stories. #chd #sad #addicted
Sarcastic teens are sarcastic and this is awesome. #not
Early, you came home so early. #love
Yummy dinner is yummy though kitty

stole morsel right from the pan. #badkitty!
Don’t tell my mom, but we can tell yours. #stillafraidofmom
Funny tv is funny, especially with sarcastic teens. #parenting
You say I am sleepy but so are you. #random #love
Cute kitty is so cute she must be dreaming. #kitty!

©2009 Christine Klocek-Lim

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