6 thoughts on “my essay up at The Externalist

  1. nice essay. I can relate. When I was little I was always dissapointed that Persians were considered white. For standardized tests I'd want to check the "other" box, but my teachers wouldn't let me. I tried to explain that I was only half white, but they said for testing half-Persian didn't constitute "other." ahhh… elementary school.

  2. Niaz, yes, that's exactly what I'm talking about. All these labels. . . I'm told it's to help equality (affirmative action requires statistics to function), and perhaps it worked like that back in the 60s here in the US, but today I wonder.

  3. I thought of my background ( German/Irish/Scottish and Cherokee) and my own resistance to coloring in the oval. A wonderful thought provoking essay, congratulations.:) bebe

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