Submission Call-Autumn Sky Poetry, Number 15, October 2009

For the first time ever, Autumn Sky Poetry will be publishing artwork as well as poems. If you are a poet who also dabbles in any of the visual arts, send me your work. I’m looking for poems with corresponding artwork:
—Do you have a poem about a barn? Send me the poem and the photo that you took that inspired the poem.
—Do you like to draw abstract shapes? Send me the poem you wrote and the doodle that you drew in the margin.
—Do you paint? Send me the painting and the poem you wrote about it.
—Did your sister or your son draw something after reading your poem? Send them in together.
—Alternatively, you may submit ekphrastic poems with a corresponding link to the art that inspired the poem. I won’t publish the art, but I will include the link with the poem.
Send submissions to:
Send up to four poems within the body of the email. I only read the first four poems.
Attach the artwork as a .jpg. I will only accept four graphic attachments per submission.
To submit to this particular issue, make sure you include the words: “Submission Number 15” in the subject line of your email. All other email with attachments will be discarded unopened.
-It’s all about the poetry.
Christine Klocek-Lim
editor, Autumn Sky Poetry

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