Please check out the latest issue of Holly Rose Review. I’m happy to have my poem “Endearment” included (with audio) next to the gorgeous art of Seven Beckham.

As the editor, Theresa Edwards says:

The theme is PASSION with worldwide contributors. Poetry by Arlene Ang, Donavon Davidson, Lane Falcon, Peter Joseph Glovizcki, Kathryn Good-Schiff, Seth Jani, Pamela Johnson Parker, Christine Klocek-Lim, Daphne Lazarus, Jee Leong Koh, Donnelle McGee, Marie-Elizabeth Mali, Colleen Mills, Erika Moya, Rhonda Palmer, Siimon Petkovich, Jayne Pupek, Edwin Rivera, Kathrin Schaeppi, & Martha Silano. Tattoos by Seven Beckham, Chris Belville, Cengiz Eyvazov, Luba Goldina, Shotsie Gorman, Maxime Lanouette, Soul Expressions, & Shane Tan. Original art by Tiffany Carpenter, Bob Dilworth, and Thomas Woodruff.

The poems are reminiscent, sensual, and bold. The art unleashes anger, fear, love, and determination. And expressions are limitless throughout as emotion screams, swells, and flourishes on each page.”

And did I mention they have a store? You can buy a mug! Or a t-shirt!

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