OCHO #24 Twitter Poets issue

OCHO is live and fantastic and I’m delighted to have a poem in this issue. Go look see: OCHO #24 Twitter Issue. My poem, “Dark clouds of the Carina Nebula,” is on page 14. Collin Kelley did a fantastic job as guest editor and kudos goes to Didi Menendez (the person behind the MiPOesias curtain), as always, for her generous presence that made it possible. I’m told that copies will soon be available on Amazon, which is very cool. Yeah, I’ll be buying.

The best part about this issue? The poets are all identified by their Twitter names. Mine: @chrissiemkl. Here are the rest of the contributors: Ivy Alvarez, Patty Paine, Anne Haines, Matthew Hittinger, Pris Campbell, Nancy Devine, JS van Buskirk, Kate Evans, Alex Dimitrov, Rachel Barenblat, Saeed Jones, Stacie Boschma, Ray Succre, Marie-Elizabeth Mali, Cheryl Snell, Andrew Demcak, Karen Head, Pamela Johnson Parker, Rosemary Nissen-Wade, Will Kenyon, Sherry Chandler, AnnMarie Eldon, Christine Swint, Deb Scott, Scott Edward Anderson, Samuel Peralta, Emily A. Benton, Shann Palmer, Montgomery Maxton, Christopher Hennessy, Jackie Sheeler, Peggy Eldridge-Love, Tammy Knot, Luisa A. Igloria, Robert Lee Brewer, C. Cleo Creech and Cole Krawitz.

Another amazing thing? Didi just tweeted that the person who did the cover art is 12 years old. Wow. I’m a helluva lot older than that and I still rely on stick figures.

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