Wow. I am again reminded how much I love English.

Not because I speak another language and therefore have the ability to compare, no, because I don’t. Not because other languages are substandard (I’m sure every language has its beauty), no. I am reminded because the alphabet and the way we use metaphors allows English speakers to combine words and ideas in a way that allows for an insane amount of variation and individuality. Of course, the idea that individuality = good is a bit of a cultural trapping, but still, to my knowledge, we don’t have this problem:

Name Not on Our List? Change It, China Says from the NYTimes.

Can you imagine being told you must change your name because the computer cannot read it? I can’t. What would happen here if all the Shahyla’s and Meaghan’s and Kristyn’s were told to standardize? There would be an uproar.