I lied

Well, not really. I tried to abstain from the NaPoWriMo. Then I found myself wanting to write. Okay, I say, sure go ahead if you want to, write a poem. So I did, last night. Then I woke up. Wanted to write another one. So I did. Then I realized that NaPoWriMo had infected me, like a virus. So I’ll try it, but I’m making no promises to myself or anyone else. I’m keeping it low-key, no pressure. Really.

If you want to read my poems, go to Poets.org’s NaPoWriMo section:

Christine’s napowrimo scribbles

I’ll be damned if I’m going to write at least ten pages in my novel everyday, a poem a day, and then try and post the poems all over the net, too. I’m keeping them all in one place until I give up, probably mid-month. 😉

5 thoughts on “I lied

  1. Me too!! I am writing on the sly also, mostly in status updates, scribbles and free-writes, I have been stalking the 30:30, taking poems up and down. I keep telling myself when I get back on the 10th, I will jump in the 30:30. We will see if I make the weekend. Sending you a hug, I am going over to poets to read your poems!! 🙂 bebe

  2. I’m lost in admiration for anyone who takes on this challenge. I struggle for every word, even when I’m on what for me counts as a roll! So good luck, Christine, and all others. I shall watch from the sidelines.

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