Six unspectacular things

I’ve been tagged by Bebe and Paula. Cool. Here are six unspectacular things about myself:

1. I love chocolate. If some disaster occurred, I would miss chocolate, lemons, and tea more than anything else imported. I can live without gas, bananas, and coffee.

2. I adore tea. I have over 20 varieties of tea in my cabinet, not the flavored kind, but different varieties: darjeeling, assam, yunnan, formosa, etc. And different flushs of the same variety. Really really love tea.

3. I love my Kindle more than I ever thought possible, even though it’s an inanimate electronic device. In just over four months I’ve bought over 80 Kindle books.

4. I ride my bicycle at least 4 times per week and often think that isn’t enough. I ride in all seasons, and have even ridden when it is sleeting and in the snow. Okay, I tried to ride in the snow and fell down a lot.

5. Writing poetry defines my obsession with language and humanity. I can not imagine life without words.

6. My favorite mug is the Pessimist’s mug. I carry it around with me every day.

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