I’m resigning

as Site Admin of Poets.org. It feels strangely liberating, rather than wrenching. I didn’t expect that. Here’s the short blurb I posted at the forum:

Dear members,

After three years here at Poets.org, I’m stepping down as Site Admin. I’ve increasingly found myself wishing for more time for writing and my family, and resigning my position here will make that possible.

The forum remains in capable hands: Larina and Gary have been exemplary members of this community and are now performing excellently as Site Admins, and we still have our wonderful Moderators. I doubt anyone will notice any lurching of the boat as I quietly step off onto my secluded island (populated by my computer and a nice writing-conducive breeze). I know you’ll give them the respect and cooperation you’ve given me the past few years.

Finally, I want to say: Thank You. This has been an incredible experience for me. I’ve learned a great deal about poetry and human behavior that I would never have otherwise. I am grateful for all the people I’ve met and all the poetry I’ve read.

Best wishes to everyone.

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