Poem Spark Feb 18-Mar 3: February poems

Greetings and Salutations!

This time of year inspiration seems difficult to find. The landscape is often cold and a colorless monotone, the sky forbidding even in sunshine. It seems to me that it is nearly impossible to write about beauty, given the sense of yearning for spring and warmth that permeates my life right now. I looked at the calendar to see how many days were left in February and suddenly inspiration hit: write a February poem!

Of course, I can’t even begin to think about writing a poem if I don’t procrastinate on the web for at least an hour, so I plugged “February poetry” into the Poets.org search bar to see what happened. Imagine my surprise to find two lovely poems, both with “February” in their titles:

Jane Kenyon: February: Thinking of Flowers

Norman Dubie: February: The Boy Breughel

Since these two poems did not take up nearly enough procrastination time, I went to Poetry Foundation next. Here’s what I found there:

Bill Christophersen: February

Margaret Atwood: February

It seems there is beauty to be found in this month.

Your spark: write a February poem, using “February” in the title. Simple enough, yes? Good luck!


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