Poem Spark Jan. 7 – 21 – Dream Poems

Salutations fellow poets!

This morning I woke before the sun rose; asleep one moment, completely awake the next. Usually it takes several violent smacks on the alarm clock before I can wake up, and usually I go through my first hour of the morning half-dreaming. I often feel a strong need to complete the narrative in which my dreams have placed me: I must swim to shore, or stand back up after sliding down a hill. Today, however, I couldn’t remember anything about my dreams but standing and watching the light slowly paint the horizon a brilliant orange and red created that same dreamlike sense of awakening for me.

So, in honor of sleep and dreaming and the ultimate result, waking again each morning, today’s spark is: write a dream poem. It doesn’t have to be long or complicated, or short and vivid. It can be coherent or surreal, a narrative or a snapshot. Don’t limit yourself. Let the muse speak much as your dreams do: imaginative and surprising both.

To get you started, here are some of my favorite dream poems:

Saskia Hamilton The Song in the Dream

John Berryman Dream Song 1

Michael Collier Birds Appearing In A Dream

Langston Hughes Dream Variations

Good luck!