My birthday saga

Today is my birthday. It may possibly be the best birthday ever. Here is my birthday cake, chocolate of course. I did not have to bake it. I am lucky.

Here are the cards my sons made for me. I am lucky.

Here is my OLD computer. It is banished to the basement. Goodbye.

This is my new computer. Yes, that little bitty thing under the right side of my monitor, a Mac mini. I got this for my birthday, along with my new camera. I was speechless. I am lucky.

This is my bicycle. I went for a ride this morning because my broken ankle is mostly healed. I even made it up the hills. I am lucky, especially because I was afraid I’d never bicycle again.

After my bicycle ride, it rained, so I thought it was lucky I went in the morning. Then the sun came out, as you can see below. Cats always find the sun.

I love to take photographs after it rains, especially if the sun comes out. So I went out to the backyard and found this. I am lucky.

Then I decided to ditch the laundry and drove out to a field I’d been meaning to photograph for years. The sun and sky were perfect.

Then, as I walked back to my car, across the country lane was a last, surviving autumn tree. No other trees have any leaves left that aren’t brown, but this one was lit beautifully. Lucky, lucky me!

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