Back to the book

Finally, I started work on the novel again. It’s been two and a half weeks and I was appalled at how much detail I’d forgotten. I had to reread everything in order to get back into the characters and pick up the story. The good thing about this is that the novel is better than I thought. I haven’t been allowing myself to read over anything because I like revising so much better than writing the first draft; it’s very easy for me to get stuck on fixing one or two sentences for an hour, but then I’d never get any of the rest of the novel done. What this means, though, is that I was afraid that what I’d written so far was terrible, and because I wouldn’t let myself read through it I had no way to tell until today.

The bad news is that I only got four pages done. This is because I was putting the finishing touches on Autumn Sky Poetry so I could send out the DRAFT to my contributors. And also I had to clean the bathroom. During which I cut my finger. This made typing very painful, so I had to go slower. Thus: four pages instead of fifteen. Oh well. That’s it for today. Gotta get a bicycle ride in before I go insane. It’s been two days and already my legs are freaking out from the inaction.