Poem Spark Jan. 8-15 – Inspired by . . .

Greetings fellow poets. My apologies for posting this a day late, but Real Life caught me in its selfish grasp. I only just escaped this morning when I read a new essay about Jack Gilbert on Poets.org: Coming to the End of His Triumph: A Retrospective on Jack Gilbert by Dan Albergotti.

The intriguing thing about the essay is not so much the story of Gilbert’s life, some of which I already knew, but the introduction of poems I hadn’t read. Titles such as, “The Abnormal Is Not Courage,” and “All the Way from There to Here,” interest me. Often when I am mired in writer’s block, I find it easier to begin writing again by borrowing titles of poems and using them as the starting point, the spark, if you will.

For this week’s spark, “borrow” the title of a poem you particularly like, and write a new poem. The title may become the title of your poem, or it can be part of the text of your poem.

Here are some examples of titles (and poems) that I find fascinating:

Jack Gilbert The Abnormal Is Not Courage

Dan Albergotti In the Era of the Sentence Fragment

Paula Bohince Brutally, the Robin

Good luck. Have fun. Be creative!

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