Poem Spark Jan. 1-8 – Poems of beginning

Happy New Year fellow poets!

Each year, on January 1st, some of us make resolutions. For this week’s spark, instead of a resolution, write a poem that documents the beginning of something. It can be the beginning of the year, the beginning of a relationship, the beginning of a piece of cheesecake. The start of something new is intriguing and sometimes hopeful. Other times, it’s the beginning of a long and slow process of healing after sorrow or tragedy. Whatever it is, it’s new.

The front page of Poets.org leads to an essay about Poems for the New Year. This is where I found my examples for this week:

Thomas Hardy’s poem of farewell to the 19th century: The Darkling Thrush

Charles Reznikoff’s celebration of the common: Te Deum

Kobayashi Issa’s merry greeting to the New Year: New Year’s morning

Have fun and be creative. I wish you a very joyful and peaceful New Year!