Check out "Simply Haiku"

Some of my photos are in this issue of Simply Haiku, with my friend Janet Lynn Davis’ luminous poetry. After clicking to enter the site and current issue, click on the Modern Haiga section.

Simply Haiku: A Quarterly Journal of Japanese Short Form Poetry
Winter 2006, Volume 4, Number 4

Catch Episode 17 of The Countdown, miPOradio’s poetry show:

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Hosted by Bob Marcacci, this episode features poems by:

– Robert Bohm: All This
– Brian Boutwell: untitled
– Ash Bowen: Broken Sonnet to the Building Super
– Mackenzie Carignan: Fascicles
– Christine Klocek-Lim: Once the Leaf Falls
– John Korn: In Belly Wood Grove
– Lilith Nassuri: retro
– Luc Simonic: You, Time & Silly Dad – As of November.
– Harry K. Stammer: Terror 29

Whenever a writer is unable to record their poem, Julie Carter reads the poem for THE COUNTDOWN.