surprise! I’m in Abalone Moon

I was quite surprised today to receive an email from Abalone Moon with a link to the latest issue: Animals. The surprising thing: one of my poems is in the issue, when I had abandoned all hope of hearing back from the editors. This makes today a good start for my favorite month of the year!

My poem: Early man was hunted by birds.

13 thoughts on “surprise! I’m in Abalone Moon

  1. Janet, it only looks good because I post my acceptances, not the rejections! Maybe I should post all of them, too. A book? Still in the works. Probably a year or more before I get it into order and find a publisher. Pat, thank you.Velene, Thanks for the kind words and for stopping by. I’m thrilled I’m in the new issue of Abalone Moon. You’re a fantastic editor. Thanks for everything!

  2. Always a pleasure to visit but as always I need to find a quiet time to do it, you poems cannot be just read, I need acid and bile juices to digest them and I always go away as satisfied as a guest at the Chinese Imperial Feast!!

  3. Great news!! I read your poem aloud twice. I love to draw and photograph shoes because of their character and thought of that while reading your fine poem.

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