After the flood

This is part of why I’ve been so scarce lately. My family’s cabin (the brown one) sits near the Nescopeck creek in Pennsylvania. The water came up to some windows, and above others.

The water sucked the patio enclosure right out of its foundation, as you can see from the bottom of the support pole and broken bricks.

The water also decapitated the fireplace.

I’m not sure how many floods my grandmother’s sewing machine has been through, five or six maybe? This is the flood that finally killed it.

Chairs from the dining table. Yucko. The smell is what is really disgusting.

The gas grill is also dead. Like the toaster oven, the microwave, and the coffee maker.

Another photo of the patio pole, because I just can’t believe it actually came out of the foundation. In 50 years, this is the worst flood. Well, except for the one that happened in wintertime. When the water froze inside and every time we tried to clean the wash water also froze. And fell on us.

No more carpets. Ever again. My mother promised that she wouldn’t even try. The floors will be bare wood from now on. Nothing is more fun than carrying out flood-soaked carpets that leak stuff all over you. Who knows what kind of microbes are in there? Amoeba, protozoa, paramecium, etc.

The water even moved the enclosed portion of the patio three feet or so to the right. And it’s not actually touching the ground on the entire right side. It’s just floating. In the air.

This is what happens when you mix wash water with flood water. Yummy. Looks like a good, thick, chocolate milkshake. Well, except for the smell. Which I already mentioned.