Autumn Sky Poetry – Number 2


The second issue of Autumn Sky Poetry is now online at

Read poems by Aurora Antonovic, Wendy Babiak, Brion Berkshire, Rus Bowden, Ayesha Chatterjee, Mukul Dahal, Lindsay Flood, Guy Kettelhack, JB Mulligan, and Dave Rowley.

It’s all about the poetry.

6 thoughts on “Autumn Sky Poetry – Number 2

  1. thank u for ur comment….actually the photo of a sunset is not mine…..i just got it off from the computer….but it does match my words very well…hope u have a wonderful weekend:)

  2. Christine, After reading your notes, I can clearly see your conscience. To a certain extend I feel like saying : Poets should preside over this world. The words should be printed in bold on poet’s office are PEACE, PEACE, PEACE. Am I too much?

  3. Paula,Thanks for stopping by to see the issue. I’m pleased you liked it. :-)ufukhati,Oh if only man were able to accomplish Peace. I fear it is an impossibility. But without those like you who have hope, it wouldn’t exist at all. Thank you.

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