Online Poetry Event: This Sunday’s Philadelphia Inquirer!

Here’s some news that just came over the wire from Rus Bowden, a fine poet. There’s going to be an article about online poetry in Sunday’s edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer’s books section, written by Frank Wilson of Books, Inq. blogger fame, and incidentally, the Inquirer’s book review editor. Be sure to click in on Sunday at:

Here’s a bit from the blurb Rus posted at numerous venues:

“Years of hoping for online poetry participants, comes into fruition this Sunday, when Frank Wilson’s article gets published at the Philadephia Inquirer’s Books section–and goes out over the wire, to be picked up and published through the paper world, and where those papers have internet presences.

Instead of waxing promotionally, let me be a bit reflective at this time, to get some grounding for us, as the exciting and important news comes out. We use to have a sense that there were the published poets and there is us online, some sort of heirarchy that keeps us out. I have found that this is not the case. “