Though blind

She hates how wildflowers

will not open in winter,
how birds and leaves drift
past the house like strangers
on a long walk.
Though blind, sometimes
her hands flutter at the door
but the lock is screwed tight.
No speck of dust, no fleck
of memory splays forth
to recollect the pristine joy
of having loved, once.
The wings of grief linger
in the silent box of her heart
while outside,
in the reverential sadness

of the night, bats swoop
and flap
past her shuttered,
inscrutable house.

© 2005 Christine Klocek-Lim

10 thoughts on “Though blind

  1. wonderful wonderfulphotograph”in the reverential sadnessof the night, bats swoop and flap,though blind, past her shuttered,inscrutable house.”love this partyou didnt even have to say they are blindits understoodvery powerful image

  2. camera,Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. “you didnt even have to say they are blindits understood” Very good suggestion! I’ll be changing that line. Thanks.Ruthanne,Thank you. I’m pleased the image and poem worked for you.

  3. “…how birds and leaves driftpast the house like strangerson a long walk.” This is the line that really works for me! I read not only the loss but age in this too. Love the two doors!

  4. Andrew, thanks!Pat, thanks for reading. I had age in mind, also, when I wrote this so I’m very pleased that came through the poem to you. :-)Denis, I know very little about haiga, but I know a compliment when I see one. Thank you. Now I’m off to read up on haiga . . .

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