Isosceles Design Studio

Above is a photo of the reception desk my brother and his friend Brian designed for the eDavid Gallery in Bethlehem, PA. Today my local newspaper,
The Morning Call, is running an article about them:

Photos of the Chrysler Building aren’t the only steel-themed work in the new eDavid Gallery. Custom furniture designed by Brian Slocum and Joe Klocek of Isosceles Design Studio of Bethlehem has an important place.”

Here’s what my brother had to say:

”As designers, Brian and I both have a love and appreciation of craftsmanship and of making things that are not only beautiful, but work for the environment and the client’s particular needs,” explains Klocek, who credits for inspiration hanging around his grandfather, a violin-maker, and his father, who painted custom designs on cars for a living. ”A lot of the time, architecture is designed for the architect. It’s sterile, it doesn’t respond to the environment, to surrounding buildings, and a lot of the time it doesn’t even function for the client. At Isosceles, we do client-focused design, and that makes all the difference.”

The furniture and gallery are fabulous. Here is a link to the gallery: eDavid Gallery

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