Impossible Flight

the wild sky smears us
when we look up—
always curious.
The birds are flying.
The clouds
and stars

On TV a rocket blooms
and people thrust themselves free
of the planet’s atmosphere.
In space astronauts
are earthed
in a cage of air.

Because we all walk on dirt together,
biology constrains our space.
Here on dirt we live.
Here I breathe and rise
from the dusty ground.
I rattle my windows.
I clutch a brilliant red parachute
filled with adrenaline
and leap—

The sky soars.
The flat horizon soars.
I fly until this precious freedom
disappears into the wind.
I gaze at the black moment
where air meets space
and I fall
just as I realize
flight is not impossible.

© 2001 Christine Klocek-Lim

9 thoughts on “Impossible Flight

  1. Ruthanne, thanks! I’m happy you like it. It was freezing out when I took the picture and I’m lucky it’s in focus (shivering).Pat, thank for reading. Glad you like it. I wanted to post something sort-of hopeful; so many of my poems are about death! LOL.

  2. What can I say…this is yet another wonderful poem and amazing photo! I love the ending, and here’s my favorite line:the wild sky smears us

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