Devils in the Dark by Marcus Damanda #CoverReveal!

I have the distinct pleasure of introducing a great horror novel: Devils in the Dark by Marcus Damanda. It will be released from Evernight Teen on November 14! It’s the first book in a trilogy and it is very, very creepy. Without further ado, here is the cover –>



“The paramedics shared a look: This one was serious.”

To most of the Facebook 15, bullying Audrey Bales was just a game—until two deep cuts with a Swiss army knife changed everything forever. Audrey didn’t want attention anymore. After five weeks at Fairview High School, Audrey wanted to die.

The doctors did the only thing they could with her: they put her away.

But in Fairview, Virginia, the nightmare is only beginning. The chat session had not gone unobserved. The Facebook 15 have drawn the attention of an ancient evil that lives only to punish those who would prey upon the weak.

They are the ghosts of 1,000 dead children—1,000 suicides—and their master …

Their master likes Audrey Bales.

And as Audrey attempts to heal her mind and body, far from home, their master prepares for the justice he will unleash upon her return.


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Disintegrate featured in the Standard Speaker



I grew up in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. It’s what I call a small city: not as big as Allentown or Philadelphia, but not as small as Jim Thorpe or as cute as Emmaus. It’s right in the middle of the northeastern PA coal-mining region. I had some good teachers and one or two great ones. It was lovely to have my old hometown newspaper call me up to ask about my young adult novel. Even though I haven’t lived there in a long time, I remember it well. Here is the link to the Community feature in the Standard Speaker:

Disintegrate by Christine Klocek-Lim

Many thanks go to Jill Whalen for calling me up and asking me about my childhood teachers. It was nice to reminisce about the past.