Author Appearance: Christine Klocek-Lim book signing and dance!

Foxtrot Dress

Victory Dance Center is featuring Christine Klocek-Lim and her young adult novel, Disintegrate, during the intermission of its yearly recital. If you would like Christine to sign your copy, please feel free to bring it. If you’d like to purchase a copy of the novel, Christine will have several available.

Also available will be copies of Christine’s latest chapbook: Ballroom — a love story. Christine wrote this chapbook for her husband as they learned how to dance (from first steps to a routine and recital) and dedicated it to her teacher, Lynn Kettenburg.

ballroom - cover w text

This year, Christine and her husband, Terry, will be dancing a foxtrot routine. If you mention that you’re there for the book signing, you will get a discount on tickets to the show: a bargain at $10 per ticket! (door price $15)

Come on out to Upper Perkiomen High School for a night of dance and celebration!

What: You Make Me Feel Like Dancing
When: Saturday, June 8, 6 pm.
Where: Upper Perkiomen High School, 2 Walt Road, Pennsburg, PA 18076
Who: Victory Dance Center Recital with owner/instructor Lynn Kettenburg


Love poem for Valentine’s Day – Rumba-lady’s wrap

ballroom - cover w text

Rumba — lady’s wrap

I’m a fox and he has his hands
on me. I step back, wild.
He moves closer, twists somehow
and I’m curled in his arm,
walking forward.

I have no idea how I got here.

She says, now turn her again
and he unwraps me like a candied chocolate.
An exotic pear, un-netted.
A hairpin slipped loose.
I try to dance away
but he catches me

I’d say I was lost but it would be a lie.
The music is a leash and he is
turning me again.
I’m trapped
against his other side, walking backwards,
dizzy as a maple seed.
He pivots
and I follow.
I am a kite on a string.
Horse and halter. He smiles into the wind
and I let him let me go
into a double chassé.
Suddenly I am a stray balloon.
A missing key.

A dropped penny, desperate for him
to scoop me back up.

first appeared in Diode v5n2