Technical Writing

Documentation specialist, technical writer, professional writer for various companies: database software manuals on multiple platforms, training manuals, conversion/revision of existing documentation, software handbooks, environmental safety manuals/handbooks, editing and proofreading support.

Environmental Health and Safety Manual

Copywriting and editing hazardous waste disposal guide and radiation safety documentation for distribution across Carnegie Mellon’s various laboratories and research divisions. Focus on maintaining a safe work environment and following EPA environmental regulations.

EDA/SQL Software Manuals

Created and maintained multiple midrange client/server and communications manuals on the HP, VAX, AS/400, Tandem, MVS, and Microsoft Windows platforms for the EDA/SQL product. This included research of information for original writing as well as layout and design of text and graphics and project management tasks.

Training Documentation

Established a formalized protocol to control production, revision, and distribution of all training materials. Coordinated the conversion and revision of existing documentation from disparate mediums to one information platform. Provided team members with editorial and technical guidance to facilitate the creation of concise, quality training documentation.