Sleepy Maple

As former founder/owner of Sleepy Maple LLC: branding (including logo design), website construction, product copy, pricing, and SEO, marketing campaigns (including dynamic ad placement) social media copy and visuals, direct mail campaigns, newsletters, graphic design and photography, and customer service.

Facebook and Instagram Dynamic Ad Campaign

Early 2022 ad campaign to drive traffic to Sleepy Maple’s website and encourage name recognition, branding, and new customers. Dynamic ad placement features both static images and video media across multiple social media feeds.

Logo Design

Created dynamic logo and related branding graphics for cross platform use including online and print media.

Product Copy

Product copy includes SEO optimization and company branding consistency. Click for Sleepy Maple website.

Social Media Advertising

Samples of social media boosted images. Campaigns targeted audiences for name recognition and website traffic.

Direct Mail Campaign

2021 holiday direct mail campaign focusing on customer loyalty, with discount and free gift. 25% conversion rate.