Editing, Marketing, Copywriting

Poetry Editing

Developmental editing, line edits, proofreading— experienced poet and editor with years of experience critiquing and editing poetry, both formal and free verse. Click for more information and rates.

Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY

Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY

Acquisitions, branding, editing, copywriting, website design, marketing, social media, photography, and setup and hosting phpBB forum. Est. 2006. Click for more information.

Sleepy Maple

As former founder/owner of Sleepy Maple LLC: branding (including logo design), website construction, product copy, pricing, and SEO, marketing campaigns (including dynamic ad placement) social media copy and visuals, direct mail campaigns, newsletters, graphic design and photography, and customer service. Est. 2020. Click for more information.

Fiction Author

Bestselling author of young adult, science fiction, and romance novels. Published over sixty cross-genre novels with a particular emphasis on suspense. Peripheral tasks included branding, website design, marketing, social media, newsletters, product swag for conventions, online marketing campaigns from 2010-2020. Click for more information.