Two sunrises over my front yard. The first was January 29, 2009 and the second is from January 28, 2009. The snow is gone now; today the temp went up to 60F. We’ll see if I can get up early tomorrow and catch the sunrise again.

My birthday saga

Today is my birthday. It may possibly be the best birthday ever. Here is my birthday cake, chocolate of course. I did not have to bake it. I am lucky.

Here are the cards my sons made for me. I am lucky.

Here is my OLD computer. It is banished to the basement. Goodbye.

This is my new computer. Yes, that little bitty thing under the right side of my monitor, a Mac mini. I got this for my birthday, along with my new camera. I was speechless. I am lucky.

This is my bicycle. I went for a ride this morning because my broken ankle is mostly healed. I even made it up the hills. I am lucky, especially because I was afraid I’d never bicycle again.

After my bicycle ride, it rained, so I thought it was lucky I went in the morning. Then the sun came out, as you can see below. Cats always find the sun.

I love to take photographs after it rains, especially if the sun comes out. So I went out to the backyard and found this. I am lucky.

Then I decided to ditch the laundry and drove out to a field I’d been meaning to photograph for years. The sun and sky were perfect.

Then, as I walked back to my car, across the country lane was a last, surviving autumn tree. No other trees have any leaves left that aren’t brown, but this one was lit beautifully. Lucky, lucky me!