Poem in Friday Evening Classics radio show at WMNR!


I am delighted to announce that one of my poems will be appearing in the Friday Evening Classics radio show with Will Duchon this Friday evening. The Words & Music segment begins at 9 pm. Tune in to listen to my poem, Despina, moon of Neptune. I wrote it this past April during NaPoWriMo.

Thanks, as always, go to Will Duchon for hosting this lovely show.


Despina, moon of Neptune

She said she’d rather sing alone
than perform for some random guy,
but then Voyager 2 flew by,
eyes trained on her curved form
like a desperate man (the kind
whose lady walked away forever).
He just didn’t know when to look aside.
She said she tried to hide, quiet her light
against her father’s blue sky, but the lens
found her four times. She gave up
silence for fame, gave up space
and time, until the sun finally fell
down across the steely horizon.
Her father Neptune didn’t seem to care
and that was what hurt her most.
The galaxy beyond everything she knew
was so much less infinite than she’d hoped.
The camera took what he wanted
and left. Despina endured the scrutiny
of a thousand careless eyes—

In the end, she would only wear white,
the color of purity, and not even the dark
could get her to sing anymore.

© 2014 Christine Klocek-Lim

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Romance, Suspense, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Mystery
Word Count: 55,000
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When Noah moves back home after grad school, he doesn’t expect a simple handyman job to turn deadly. Amelia seems like a sweet old lady with a run-down house, but appearances can be deceptive. When an alien ship lands in her woods, Noah discovers that everything he believed about Earth and human civilization is wrong.

Amelia already gave her heart to one man—does she really want to let another one inside? Even though Noah is everything she ever wanted, can she really trust him? He seems like a good person, but her family’s genetic legacy is more important than romance.

When all their secrets are laid bare, Noah and Amelia discover that the survival of their species may be more dependent on love than either could have imagined. Civilization endures because of anonymous acts executed by ordinary individuals. And love, especially in the face of betrayal, is worth everything.


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Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA) 2012 Semi-Finalist Winner!



What are people saying about Who Saw the Deep?

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Semifinalist — April 2012:

This novel is well written, original, and clever. Noah Heath has just completed his doctorate in computer science and his father suggests he give himself a break and help a local senior citizen with some handyman chores. Amelia is a woman that Jaime Heath has known since childhood. On Noah’s first day of work, he notices a flash in the sky, a silver needle, but Amelia denies seeing it. Even so, he hears her call her daughter, Leah, saying,”it’s happening again.” When he returns home, his father starts telling him about the family “artifacts,” a few chunks of old metal. Noah starts to question, and more importantly, believe his father and Amelia’s tales of centuries old invasion and the part their forebears played in it. That the power of computers is limited only by our imaginations makes the tale convincing; the lack of little green men and the highly plausible abilities of the villains make it wonderful reading. It’s a pity to classify this book as science fiction; it reads more like the ancient myths, or even fairy tales. The author really knows his characters and uses them beautifully. Perhaps he’s had centuries to develop them.

~Publishers Weekly Review

The pitch is wonderful and engrossing. The belief “That civilization endures because of anonymous acts executed by ordinary individuals.”, holds more truth than most realize. There are hints of foreshadowing inserted in the narrative, hinting of what might occur. This helps bring a reader into the story and want to continue to turn the pages. The author does a credible job in describing how the characters act and what they are thinking. That along with the foreshadowing creates interest and a connection with the persons being described and the storyline. The reader has a chance, in many instances, to interpret what the individuals are feeling, instead of being told directly. The plot flows well, moving from the beginning and then into Noah’s house with his father. The expectation of what might happen builds from the beginning and makes a reader want to continue on.

~ ABNA Expert Reviewer – Amazon.com


Long and Short Reviews

Rating: 4.5 stars!

Imagine seeing a strange object fall from the sky and noisily crash into the woods nearby. Would you call for help or run into the forest to investigate?

The characterization in this novel is slow and subtle at first, but eventually even the smallest clues are tied together in ways that I never would have anticipated. I was especially interested in watching the friendship between Amelia and Noah develop during the first half of the plot. At first glance I never would imagined that they’d share so much in common, and it was fascinating to see two people from such different stages in life find so many things that unite them.

While the pacing remains steady throughout the story, the climax includes quite a bit of information that is vitally important in order to understand everything that is happening. My sole criticism of this piece is minor, but I would have preferred to learn certain facts a little earlier on in the plot so that there was less competition for my attention when the tension reaches its highest point.

With that being said, postponing the revelations does make sense given the subtly creepy atmosphere of earlier chapters. Ms. Lim knows exactly how to paint a thin veneer of dread over what otherwise appears to be a perfectly ordinary day, and her ability to find the dark underbelly of even the most mundane chores and experiences plays a large part in why this tale earned such a high rating.

This book desperately needs a sequel. While all of the most important questions find answers, I am extremely interested in finding out what happens to Noah and Amelia after Who Saw the Deep ends. The final chapter drops hints about the future that made me wish the narrative would never end.

Who Saw the Deep is a must-read for anyone who loves alien invasion stories or heart-stopping mysteries.If these genres are up your alley, go pick up a copy today!

Reviewer: Astilbe

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Publisher’s Weekly said that Who Saw the Deep is “… is well written, original, and clever.” It’s also an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA) 2012 Semi-Finalist Winner!


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Shadow and Shade by Matt Gerrard now available!

A good friend of mine has just released a new fantasy novel! Check it out!

Shadow and Shade

Shadow and Shade by new author Matt Gerrard now available!

Genre: Fantasy, dark fantasy, suspense, romance

Word count: 86,442 (203 pages print length)

Logan doesn’t just hunt with wolves. He talks with them. He can also see in the dark, heal, and feel the emotions of the forest itself. If only dating were so easy.

Marissa, the missionary’s stepdaughter, captivates him with her fiery spirit. Logan’s taste for trouble and strange ways fascinate her. Marissa’s stepfather fears that Logan will drag her into darkness with his heathen ways. Logan’s mother is outraged because she thinks Logan is abandoning the blood of their people.

Angry words turn to vengeful deeds. Logan and Marissa become ensnared in a web of bitterness that was spun hundreds of years before they were born. Blood demands blood, and it refuses to be denied.

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Story Excerpt:

“Walk into the creek. The middle of it.”

Logan stared at it. The water wasn’t that deep, but the rain was beginning to swell the banks, making it run faster. Not to mention the lightning. “Is it safe?”

His father’s face hardened. Wolfmark pointed toward the creek with his staff. Logan hid his glare and waded into it. He was afraid, but his father was really getting under his skin now, and he wanted to get this over with.

The depth was deceptive. The spring dug an uneven channel through the rock, and he found himself in water up to his knees by the time he reached the middle. The staff helped him keep his balance. He was careful to shove the rocks aside as he walked, so that he wouldn’t jam his feet between them. Legs broke that way, and people drowned with the water barely over their heads. Boy, I really pick what to think about, don’t I? The icy touch of the water reached around his feet.

His father looked up at the sky. Logan saw a whip-sharp flash over the tops of the trees. Thunder that he could feel in his chest rolled over them. “Start meditating,” Wolfmark said. “This time I don’t want you to bury your fear.”

Logan stared at him. The shine of the water on his face and the clinging web of his hair made his father look mad. Only his eyes only told Logan that he knew what he was doing. “What should I do?”

Wolfmark ran over to some rocks on the bank, checking the sky again. The wind blew spray into Logan’s face. His father seemed to be looking for something, or waiting. “What should I do!” he repeated.


“But don’t–”

“Do it!”

Logan swallowed. This wasn’t good at all. Every time the spray reached around his body it made his hair stand up, and every time his hair stood up he waited for the bolt that would turn his chest into a charred, black hole. Darkly, he reflected that being struck by lightning had to be one of the most unique ways to die in all creation. Laik would probably like it that way. Make sure the people remember how you died.

Logan fixed his staff between a pair of heavy rocks. He settled down into a horse-riding stance, his legs straddled and his body lowered almost down to the water. He felt tiny branches and weeds under the surface tugging and snagging at the hair above his ankle. It soaked through his shoes and mushed the leather against his feet, blackening them with grit he couldn’t see. Gooseflesh prickled his chest and arms. Logan exhaled, staring into the trees where the grove edged the creek. Above them he saw the sky, and his hair stood again with fear as a streak of lightning rippled across the grayness.

“What are you afraid of?”

Logan didn’t reply. He imagined himself as a boulder, and settled even more heavily into his stance. If his father was going to be this way, then he’d just have to do it right and show him. The feeling of the water coursed through his body. Logan raised his arms over his head, spreading them out as if he felt a glass dome against his hands.

Lightning flashed again, and again. The thunder reverberated in his chest. Logan telescoped his hands in and out. He wanted to jump. He wanted to run. A bolt shattered the sky, like a hammer shattering glass over his head, and the thunder bolted the muscles in his chest. He wanted to scream.


About the Author:

Matt Gerrard is a lover of fantasy, science fiction, and all things wildly creative. Shadow and Shade is his first novel. It came from a firm conviction that wizards should sweat and get dirty instead of wearing pointy hats. He currently lives in Massachusetts, where he works, practices yoga, and invents little fictional universes.

Website: The Daily 400

Facebook: The Daily 400

Pinterest: The Daily 400


Reading at Manayunk-Roxborough Art Center Sunday!

Come one, come all–I’m reading at Manayunk-Roxborough Art Center Sunday, May 4!



When: Sunday, May 4 at 3:15 pm (doors open at 3 pm)

Where: Manayunk-Roxborough Art Center, 419 Green Lane (rear), Philadelphia, PA 19128

Why: Because!

I’ll be reading a selection of new poems and maybe a few old favorites. I’ll have copies of my poetry chapbooks and fiction novels for sale. Hope to see you there!


First Crocus of 2014

My crocuses finally bloomed, even though we had snow on the ground this morning. :-)


First Crocus

This morning, flowers cracked open
the earth’s brown shell. Spring
leaves spilled everywhere
though winter’s stern hand
could come down again at any moment
to break the delicate yolk
of a new bloom.

The crocus don’t see this as they chatter
beneath a cheerful petal of spring sky.
They ignore the air’s brisk arm
as they peer at their fresh stems, step
on the leftover fragments
of old leaves.

When the night wind twists them to pieces,
they will die like this: laughing,
tossing their brilliant heads
in the bitter air.


—first published at About.com in 2007


Don’t forget! NaPoWriMo starts tomorrow! If you want to try writing a poem-a-day, register at Autumn Sky Poetry/Forum

napowrimo 2014


NaPoWriMo 2014 (egads!)

napowrimo 2014

It’s that time of year again: flowers, singing birds, snow… WAIT. What? Snow? No way, it’s almost April! It’s almost time to do the write-a-poem-a-day-every-day-for-a-whole-month thing that overtakes so many of us again and again, year after year. I almost missed it! I thought it was still WINTER.


If you would like to participate in National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo), I have set up an online workshop forum where you can post your daily poems, privately, in community with all the other crazy poets who think they can fool the Muse into a giant burst of creativity. If you’d like to come and play with us, CLICK HERE and register.

Also, please send me an email chrissiemkl AT gmail DOT com or a note via FaceBook so that I know you are a real human and not a spambot from hell. Please include your name so I know who you are when I hover my mouse pointer over the approve/disapprove button. I only approve membership for real actual human beings.

That is all.